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Works in Progress & Important Notice

Hi! Here's the latest works in progress from the studio, I cannot always share what i'm working on as some pieces are private commissions. There can be anything from 3 to 8 pieces, sometimes more in progress at the same time.

Some originals are popped to the back of the pile whilst I work on commissions, this is often the case! It can be months where a piece is left untouched before I have the chance to start working on it again- this is the nature of my job really. But it is also how I perform my best, with a variety of works on the go I can swap and change between them to keep my eyes and brain interested and working at its best- super important!


I am working on my NEW collection which you can sign up to HERE to be the first to know- for now any sneak peaks are under wraps unless you are on my email list. But I will tell you now, some are shiny, they are colourful, with a wide range of subjects so something for everyone.

There's going to be a JELLYFISH. If that doesnt get you excited i dont know what will.


I have finished the amazing portrait of Saffy- the gorgeous chestnut mare you may have seen some progress on. Until she is back with my customer, im also not showing you this! But heres a peek of her all wrapped up ready to go. Framed beautifully in a natural oak frame, over a metre high now too. A proper statement piece for the wall.



I must use this opportunity whilst im on the subject of how I operate, to talk about commissions. Since I started and up until recent months I have been primarily a commission based artist. I have loved all the lovely pets I have been asked to draw and will forever be grateful that these got me started on my art journey.

However I find it very tricky to juggle all of the orders, especially with my originals, prints and overall art journey needing to be my main focus now- to keep my business surviving to put it bluntly!

Not only do I sit and draw or paint the commissions I am lucky enough to do, but i'm also a full time admin, in charge of stock control, printing, shipping, amongst many other things. The biggest part of all is the marketing & social media.... without this.... I have nothing! It is the most important part of my art and the one that takes the most time. I am very lucky if i get a whole working day to actually sit and draw or paint, a lot of people wouldnt think this but it is the way things are.


I have decided that I will no longer be agreeing to any time scales or specific dates of completion for commissions. I often book a few months in advance, but it is impossible for me to know how long the work prior to this is going to take, throw in life & unexpected business peaks and troughs and it is so hard to keep to the schedule I initially thought would be possible. I always try my best, but I sometimes struggle to do my best work whilst under the pressure of time.

I will still be taking commissions- to be completed within that calendar year as my only guarantee of time scale, as always I will try to get things as quick as I can however its just getting tricky to guarantee times. Agreeing certain time scales leads to more messages, more waiting for my lovely customers, and thats more time im spending worrying and emailing, replying to messages rather than doing the actual drawing.

I will now be running off a single wait list, which I have cut the available slots right down to accommodate for any mishaps or busier months. All commissions that are currently booked with any time scales agreed are still OK this time, business as usual where that is concerned. Any new bookings will be placed onto the end of my list. When it is your turn, I will get in touch. I will let you know at time of booking how many are before you on the list- but please note some of these may be small, some may be really big and time consuming. So it is best to sit tight and know you will have the artwork by the end of this year (2024!)

I have only a couple of slots I will accept before the end of this year, if you are interested in one of these please pop me an email

Sorry for sounding strict/boring! I do feel this will help both my customers & myself with commissions whilst also allowing me to focus on the other parts of my art that I need to be, more often, and more effectively.

Rosie x

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