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Works in Progress

There is so much going on in the studio! I have a good few projects started that i really need to get finished. Luckily ive managed to get my diary in order and after the current commission is finished ive got a nice gap to get some projects finished.


Most pieces below are available to reserve already, if not already for sale via myself or a gallery. Email in if you see something that you love!

  • I have 2 horse pieces to finish as my latest installments into my "horse power" series. Both different styles, mediums, with compeltely different overall aethetics.

  • The circular birds is a new one off original with a bit of a nod to my debut "take off' series.

  • Florals! These are my initial studies for a new collection- the editions for this collection are going to be amazing- but you will have to wait and see. These studies have helped me on my choice of surface to create the look i am wanting, solved!

  • And finally a swarm of honeybees, created especially for an exhibition coming very soon. This ones going to be a bit special- all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks. There will be some special editions released of this piece also.

I have also started a huge 3 piece commission which once put together, is a big giraffe!

I am hoping to get all the above finished soon, as i have complete collections to get cracking on. So it is time to put horses & birds to bed for a while....

Rosie x

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