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These have all been available to my subcribers since yesterday, but are being released to everyone else today (Friday 24th) at around 4pm!

There are 6 new animal paintings in the colourful style, focusing on lots of rough brush strokes, oil pastel and even some metallic ink on a couple. All of these pieces come framed included in the cost (please read the indivudual items for the framing that i have chosen) These are hand made to order so theres a little wait before dispatch for me to get them made and to frame them for you.

Moo cow is also there, along with 2 abstract originals which i have made from the flamingo and panda paintings leftover paint. My attempt at trying tor educe any waste. They're quite nice and also come framed!

Heres what you can expect to see, and even have as your own:






Red Pandas

PLUS 2x Abstracts from the leftover paints

All available in my online store later on!

Jellyfish has to be my favourite- i will happily keep this one forever!


See you all at around 4pm! i hope :)

Rosie x

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