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August Updates

August/September tend to be my busiest time in the studio (apart from when Santa comes) So here's a little update of what i've been up to if you have missed anything, and what's to come!

4 new originals were released and I was BUZZING that all four SOLD online within 24hrs! My aim was to create these animal pieces for a lesser price and I think i've finally found a style that covers this base nicely. All 4 are off to their new homes this week, i'm thinking of doing a little monthly drop of these styles so keep an eye on my social media- subscribe to my email list on my website if you want to know about these first before social media.

They're all also available as prints! See a collection of pics of these below. Super cute- Peter puffin is my favourite!

Exhibition time!

Northants open studios is on its way! My annual northamptonshire exhibition is very soon. I am still yet to finish my large horse drawing for the central exhibition- I dont have anything new to show you for this yet. But the frame is being prepared so as soon as ive done my bit, it will be ready!

All the new animals above will be featured at my main exhibition at Delapré Abbey, along with the minis I created recently too. With a couple of colourful surprises too!

There you can also buy framed & unframed prints right off the shelf while you have some yummy lunch- I recommend a ham & cheese toast with chips & a mocha!


I am still working away on some commissions behind the scenes too, one of two lovely pooches, a horse from much older photos, and a giraffe that spans over 3 canvases. Along with a couple of paintings to finish.

Busy busy busy. Never been one to give myself an easy life eh!

Rosie x

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