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Rosie's passion is centred on the natural world in the broadest sense of the term, from the smallest bee to the largest bird, from the moon in the sky to the flowers on the ground. Rosie creates art which often focuses on one element, allowing the viewer to truly see the isolated beauty of these individual creatures and the wonders with which we share this earth. 


Having only picked up a pencil in 2020, Rosie is just beginning her exploration of what the natural world has to offer. As well as being known for her realistic representations, she also enjoys experimenting with more playful depictions of subjects, and hopes that the joy she feels for animals and for nature can be shared with her audience. 


Specialising primarily in pencils, as a young artist Rosie is still exploring new mediums and techniques, developing her skills and an understanding of different processes. There is a lot more still to come...

From a young age I have been animal obsessed. Growing up surrounded by farms, along with our own family pets which included many dogs, cats, hamsters, chickens and more. I used to stick as many garden snails as I could find all up my arms, legs and even all over my face and go show my mum and dad in the house! 

These days I still have my own animals, I have a standard poodle named Roux. Three cats, Toothless, Alpus and Kitty. TEN giant African land snails (yes this obsession never left), and my 30 year old Welsh D gelding named Chance (pictured above) who is the absolute love of my life! 

Of course there is more to nature than animals. I love the wilderness, the seas, the deserts, the plants that grow, everything in-between, and even the mysteries and mind-blowing science of our universe and all the planets and stars within. 

Through my work I hope to show just how beautiful the world is, and how lucky we are to be living amongst it all. This also highlights the sad truth that we are NOT looking after our natural world enough, it is heartbreaking to see the effects and stresses that human beings have thrown upon nature. I hope to highlight many aspects of this through my work, helping to raise awareness and give aid to conservation so I am in a way able to give back as much as I can to the living things that give us everything. 


Exhibitions & Features


  • May-June 2024- "Earth" exhibition at The View Gallery in Royal Wootton Basset- COMING SOON

  • April-May 2024- 'Equine' exhibition at The View Gallery in Royal Wootton Basset


  • September 2023- Northants Open Studios Central Exhibition at Lamport Hall

Artwork "Big Jump" 

Awarded 3rd place in the peoples choice vote

  • September 2023- January 2024 Delapré Abbey 

  • November 12th-14th 2023- 'SYNERGY' group exhibition at Cre8, Towcester, Northamptonshire


  • September 2022- Northants Open Studios Central Exhibition at Lamport Hall

Artwork "Kite Flight"

  • September 2022- Northants Open Studios solo exhibition at Delapré Abbey 


  • November 2021- The World Of Interiors Magazine Feature

Artwork "Ted & Mare"

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